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Darrell Bryant – Project Manager Darrell has over 30 years of experience throughout the Construction Industry. Prior to joining Slate, he has been involved in all phases of Residential and Commercial Construction.  He held positions including Project Manager, Installation Manager, Superintendent and District Warranty Manager.  Darrell previously owned and operated his own Remodeling and Flooring Company for over 15 years.  He has received certifications in Residential Real Estate Appraisal, Renovations, Lead Paint, Blue Prints and Specifications, Fabrication and Welding.  Darrell enjoys working on Hot Rods in his free time.  He is a member of Carolina Muscle Club, which does multiple yearly charity car shows donating to Tucker Hospice House, Levine Children’s Hospital, Hands of a Sportsman, etc.  He enjoys hunting, fishing and spending time with his wife and children.

Angie Regan – Director of Finance and Accounting   Angie obtained a Master’s in Business Administration from Boston University and a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from St. Lawrence University.  Prior to joining Slate Building Group, Angie served as President/Partner for her own retail and financial consulting business in Raleigh and Charlotte, NC where she was responsible for the sales, strategy, and finance.  Prior to starting her consulting firm, she has worked in various finance management positions including Corporate Finance Manager for Siemens, Financial Planning and Analysis Manager for Nike BV in the Netherlands, and Auditor for Price Waterhouse Coopers.  Angie plays a key role in driving the company's business investment strategies as well as responsibility for overseeing all aspects of financial management and accounting.   In addition to her work experience, Angie is the co-chair of the Lake Norman Chapter of the Isabella Santos Foundation which is a pediatric cancer children's charity and volunteers with the PTA at her children’s schools.

Brent A Zande – CEO    As an honors graduate of Michigan State University College of Science in Construction Management, Brent combines his academic and practical experience in the construction industry to operations management.  Having been responsible for the construction of over 6500 projects over the last 27 years, from luxury single family homes to light commercial and multifamily, Brent knows how to build teams that raise the bar through efficiency, strategy, speed and accuracy.  He is known in the building business for effective communication, simple solutions, integrity, and diligence.  It is his philosophy that communication and transparency are paramount when it comes to cultivating trust and growth, which are the necessary ingredients for success in any industry. Brent founded Slate Building Group in 2011, to help client investors and property managers adapt to the evolving economy.  He saw that what they needed was a company that could shift according to their needs --which was a reliable, multi-faceted company that could provide years of experience, direction, and vision, with the ability to change with the trends as needed. Brent has served on local Architectural Review Boards, Historic Preservation Societies and Home Building Associations because he believes that we are all part of a greater good -- and service to our communities is our duty as members of those communities.

Pamela Kelly – Construction Support Manager   Pam majored in Business Administration at Ball State University, with a minor in Marketing. She has over 15 years experience developing training programs, managing projects, and multi-tasking. Her strong background in customer service and sales has earned her multiple awards, which she credits to the great teams she’s had the pleasure of working with over the years. Her previous experience working in the service and construction industry has aided her ability to learn quickly, be a self-starter and motivate those around her, making her a reliable asset to Slate Building Group. In her free time, Pam enjoys hiking, traveling, creating different art projects and spending time with her family. She also enjoys volunteering at her children’s extra curricular activities and is a supporter of Cookies for Kids Cancer.

Copyright © Slate Building Group LLC 2016 |  All Rights Reserved